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Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
11:24 pm

New community for people who write and read poetry and stuff. Or if you just wanna learn. Add it for whatever reason.
Monday, February 23rd, 2004
5:10 pm
yeah...i'm a bitch
song: the boy who blocked his own shot
artist: brand new

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Current Mood: crushed
Monday, February 9th, 2004
1:32 am
song: so far away
artist: my brother...nick anderson

Sometimes I sit around and wonder
What it is that brings you down?
And I hear your steps beside me
Not there when I turn around

I wrote this song for all the times
I wasn’t there to save the day
But I’m here now
So please don’t turn away

So far away
So far away

See I wish that I could hold you
Make those teardrops go away
But with me or without me
You still must find a way

And I see as your eyes turn
From the light to darker gray
Your still a child
But you seem so far away


And I know it’s tough
And I know it’s hard
But don’t run away

And I know it burns
And I know it hurts
But I’m here to stay

So when it seems like all is lost
Just find a way
To carry on


And I see as your eyes turn
From the light to darker gray
Your still a child
But you seem so far away

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Current Mood: calm
Wednesday, February 4th, 2004
9:39 am
It's funny how the music that matters most to me is about how music matters. Actually, it's not that funny at all, really. It makes perfect sense. I've had a shitty life, not as shitty as some, but shitty enough that I have blocked out years of my life from memory. For a long time, I didn't bother trying to cope. I was pretty much a mess until I found music; My neck really was for a knife, my wrist for a razor. I mean, I had heard music before, but it was the kind that belonged to my parents. I got Napster, and these two songs were some of the first I downloaded. These were my songs. They belonged to me, and the music meant something. Everytime things get bad, I have my songs, and that's all that matters.

Pretty Girls Make Graves: Speakers Push Air and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists: Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone?Collapse )
Saturday, January 31st, 2004
10:47 pm
Just can't help it...
Song - Still on My Brain
Artist - Justin Timberlake
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This song was playing on the radio when I realized that things were really over with Jeff. It was odd, because it was sort of saying the things that I am afraid to say. I've never let myself become too attached to anyone, because I know, especially at this age, it won't last. But I still think about Jeff often, and I wonder what things would be like if he hadn't moved. But now when I listen to this song, it makes me think of him. Everytime. It makes me think of what could have happened... What if I'm still on his brain? What if I crushed his innocent heart? What if he listens to this song, or thinks these thoughts everyday, and he wants to call me and hear my voice, but I was such a bitch when things ended that he doesn't want to hurt himself more than I already have?

Current Mood: contemplative
9:48 pm
i'd like to hire a plane...
We were sitting on his couch. My first time at his apartment, and the first time we were ever alone together. Unlike most hormonal teenagers, we didn't spend the whole time tearing away at eachothers clothes, exposing virgin flesh and uncharted territories. We were sitting, facing eachother. Our cheeks touching, our hands locked together. We were enhaling eachother, breathing in as much of the moment as we could. The mix cd I made was playing, but it didn't matter to me. All i could think was how perfect the moment was. How intensly I was feeling this, how happy I was. How great he was. And in that intimate silence, he said it. "I love you." It was the first time, but it felt like we'd been saying it for years. After that, I couldnt get enough of it. Love is like a drug, and those words were intoxicating to me. And even if our love changed, and not in the way I would have liked it to, that night, that moment in time will always be special to me. I don't know if I believe in his love for me now, but I did then, and I wouldn't change that minute for any thing. In my euphoric state, i couldn't remember for the life of me what song was playing. I dont know why it's so important to me to know. He knew though. And now, whenever I hear this song, I'm taken back to the extrordinary moment, and I'm grateful that I have that.
a plain morning - dashboard confessional.Collapse )
Wednesday, January 28th, 2004
7:43 pm
First off. I'm Shawn. I write a lot of lyrics and poems and stuff. I'm in a band. Hi. How was your day? I'm good, thanks. Second off, would it be legal to post something I wrote in the hopes that people would analyze it and see what they like or don't? This kind of feedback is important to be, especially on lyrics which are one day gonna be sung in front of people. If it's not then that's okay, just wondering.

My song is Mineral - Slower. Mineral being one of the great emo bands of recent history (like all emo bands). The song just conveys so much emotion. Great guitar, great vocals, but what really kills me are the lyrics. It's just not the same when you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face when you know you lied yourself to sleep to make it better. That line gets me so much. The whole song kinda reminds me of the shit I'm in, everyone else is just like yeah school whatever life okay don't think about it too much and it won't bother you, but I'm one of those peple that will never feel the breeze I guess. And thinking about how okay there's all these pretty things in the world but they are just masks on lies. It's kinda sad.

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Nonetheless, one of my favorite songs.
Friday, January 23rd, 2004
8:38 pm
A Note To Your Ghost - Locale A.M.
a note to your ghost is all i can offer
etch it on a napkin, save it all for later
cuz i see you once, maybe twice a week tops
the clock starts ticking and it just don't stop
i find my hotel but i'd rather be lost in your arms tonight
cuz i'm bleeding gasoline
and i'm breathing la
and i'm weathered by the road, only worsened by today
haven't showered in a week, haven't slept in days
and i've really got nothin to say except
let 'em know, we gotta let them know
i'm caught in the middle of a never-ending show
when it slows then i'm coming home
until then, here's a note to your ghost
a toast to our love is all i can muster
raising from the stage my bottle of water
i'm coming home...

This was the song this summer. Nothing else really did it for me.
Coincidentally I didn't even like this song when I first heard it...it was one of my least favorite tracks and I had no idea how Shona could love it so much. Over time...as circumstances changed I think, I really grew to love it though. Especially when everyone went on tour and left us at home. I nearly died when they were on tour...debating with myself...should I let them know? Waiting...counting. I have no real life do I? But even when no one is on tour the feeling of this song just so reverberates in my core.

My life has been caught in the middle of a never ending show for two years (although it has now stopped...ironically with locale am) and even though I am a fan not the band boy this just resonates for me. I've lived for the once maybe twice a week tops and had so little to contribute to the life I loved so much in a way. Living the week out for the weekend...but at the same time wishing it didn't have to be only the weekend...longing to be lost in those arms every night. But the whirl of life would never let that. The time for what we love is always metered and those hours never stretch...time never pauses to let us keep that precious part of it
I don't even know if I can vocalize what this song means to me...a lot of it isn't even words to me so far.
Yes in one way this is a diffrent thing that is being called to...but yes there is the other part...the romantic once maybe twicea week tops in my life that has become once maybe twice a month tops just like the words did over time in the live performance of this song's second verse.
Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
11:25 pm
mmkay kids, i've been instructed to whore this out to yall:

join it, and you too can be hot like jamaica.
Sunday, January 11th, 2004
3:18 am
lukewarm - new end original.
*note* Recently, Jonah (the singer/writer of this song) was offered $150,000 by coca-cola to use this song in a summer2004 commercial. Jonah is currently trying to decide what to do with his song. It has caused quite the stir with all his fans... This story started as a post to livejonah, but now has some more personal content in it, so if it feels like you're reading something twice, keep reading.*/note*

I believe that Jonah will do what feels right to him, and i respect him for that. I respect him for taking time to think about this commercial, and what it would mean, not only to him, but to his fans.
I know for a fact, that no matter what happens, I will always have Lukewarm as my 2003 Summer Song. Trips to the lake and SF with that song blaring in the car. Seeing Jonah live with my friends for the first time, all these things happened over the course of the summer. I fell in love with onelinedrawing and new end. I fell in love with my friends. I remember the first time I heard this song, we were in my friends van, on our way to who knows where and there was singing and smiling and all around good times. It was so nice to have that in my life again. After so much sadness from losing my best friend, i finally felt that way you can only feel when you have friends that you really love and trust. We'd go to shows together. We'd have sleep overs. We were doing everything, and we were very content doing nothing. It was heavenly and perfect, and even though some of the events of the summer 2003 were far from perfect, this song always reminded me of how happy we had been. It always brought me back to that van, to Brandon talking about new end, and to Courtney singing along. It always brought me back to the days when Tyson was sober and in davis every weekend. It still does in fact, remind me of that family I love.
If this commercial deal goes through, the commercial will air in the summer of 2004. the summer after I graduate from high school, and the summer when I'll be moving out. I can just imagine sitting in my new place, so far away from my 03 friends and watching tv, seeing this commercial, and not craving a coke, but craving my friends and becoming very nostalgic. It will always hold a special place in my heart, and be a part of the soundtrack of my life.
I dont know if i support the idea of jonah selling his song, or coke or whatever. I know that I support Jonah, and coca cola and a commercial will not change what this song means to me.

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Wednesday, January 7th, 2004
6:45 pm
first kiss
song: gypsy rose lee
artist: the distillers

this is one of my favorite songs of all time, by one of my favorite bands. the first time i heard it, i'd just met this girl, and i'd really fallen for her. too bad she lived about an hour away. she burned me a copy of the cd and i listened to it every night. i fell in love with the distillers. one night i was lying on my bed singing along to this song, and i thought i heard her voice singing to me, i thought i could smell her perfume...i looked over at the door and she smiled at me.
she kissed me. she was the first girl i ever kissed. we held each other the rest of the night. she moved to oregon a few weeks later. i only knew her a few months, but she changed my life forever.
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Current Mood: hyper
Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
7:22 pm
Song: Drive to the City
Artist: Solemite

Man, where too start about this song. It’s not just one memory. To me this song brings back memories of all the good times I’ve had with friends, ever. Sometimes, I totally feel like my life is going nowhere fast. But then I just see some friends and we have a good time and I feel like the happiest person ever. When I’m sick of the word, I listen to this song. Plus the Solemite guys are awesome, and make me happy no matter what.

(I’ll edit with the lyrics when I have time to type them up.)

Current Mood: content
Monday, January 5th, 2004
9:38 pm
First (On-subject) Post
Song: In My Life
Artist: The Beatles

Many people have heard this song, and a cursory listen reveals no more than a catchy tune and a dedicated love song. However, upon closer listen, it is a song with the utmost reverence to every person and place the singer has ever familiarized themselves with. A touching song, I never paid it much attention; until New Year's Eve this year.

My best friend/boyfriend is not a music buff, but his friend Eric had started him listening to the Beatles. I was thrilled; I love the Beatles, so I began burning him songs. We were at a New Year's party with his parents, and we are very conservative in front of them; for instance, we've been dating for a year, and I still don't think they know. However, even though they were in the room, he starts talking about this song. He begins to sing (another thing I've rarely heard him do) very softly, "But of all these friends and lovers, there is no one compares with you..." Before long, the room has grown silent, but he hasn't noticed; he was looking me in the eye, and he sang "In my life, I've loved you more". This was one of the most powerful moments of my life so far.

In My LifeCollapse )
9:33 pm
And then he said, "Can you ride anything?" Lord, does he mean like his mood swings..?
Hey! ^_^ I'm Kate. I'm 17, and though I love music from every genre, the Counting Crows are my usual drug of choice. ^_^ I'm a writer (or one day aspire to be so) and frankly, don't remember how I found this community. I sometimes click on random links until I find something interesting; this is the most interesting community idea I have come across. ^_^
Sunday, January 4th, 2004
1:27 pm
i <3 cat for making this community. i just had to say that. cat: you rule.
i made a music community, too...(msmixtape)but it has almost no rules. you just post ANY thoughts on music. album reviews, artist reviews, rants about whatever...music you've written, lyrics you love...it's v. open.
i thought people interested in this community might also be interested in it. so i just thought i'd mention it.
anyway...don't be mad at me for posting this.
*runs away*

Current Mood: nervous
1:16 pm
damn my stories are cheesy...
song: big star
artist: kenny chesney

now...i am NOT a fan of country. really. my friend sarah is. when i was younger i used to sing karaoke at this cafe in sacramento, and it was the scariest thing for me...but sarah came to every show. she would buy me coffee afterwards, or just listen to me babble about what i did wrong or right that night. and people actually started coming to the cafe, and listening. more and more people...and i was so nervous. after a while, i just got too busy to do it anymore. i missed it a lot. sarah started coming to my house once a week, and we would sing all of the songs i used to sing, and we would forget the words and laugh about it.
one day i was crying and telling her how i'd never make it. how there was no use writing songs anymore. there was no point...i was never going anywhere. she gave me a big hug and sang me this song. she printed out the lyrics for me and i read them whenever i feel like i'm going nowhere. i hear her voice in the words, and it always makes me feel better.

she was a big star...Collapse )
12:33 pm
ladies and gentlemen...HEDWIG!
song: midnight radio
artist: hedwig and the angry inch

the story...Collapse )

the lyrics...Collapse )

Current Mood: hopeful
11:14 am
i think i'm vibrating.
'ey. I'm Heather, I'm 17, go to DVC, live at shows, and also in Pinole.
1:55 pm
i got bones beneath my skin
Hello. I just joined and I thought I'd just say hi before I actually wrote anything. My name is Becca and I'm 17. I live in New Jersey and music is pretty much my life. I only wish I knew how to play it! Anyway, I show my appreciation for music by writing, but I also have a radio show with my friend on our high school radio station. We do summer shows at Rutgers and two summers ago we spent at least 10 hours a week at the station. (Last year we could only do 8 hours, but it's still an amazing experience!)

Whenever I'm home I usually have music playing. (I sneak it at school sometimes if the teacher doesn't mind me playing something on the computer...the volume is always low. We're not allowed to have CD players in school and the computers aren't supposed to be used for anything other than work, but I work best with music going!) Usually, you can find me in my computer room, writing on livejournal and listening to music. Of course I go to shows whenever I can and I love the small venues we have pretty close by. I like being able to sit on the side of the stage and enjoy the atmosphere. So, that's me. Later. :)

Current Mood: calm
10:18 am
I am David, I am 18, I live in Pacifca, I am also super rad(I hope).

The End
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