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I would be involved with you

A Note To Your Ghost - Locale A.M.

a note to your ghost is all i can offer
etch it on a napkin, save it all for later
cuz i see you once, maybe twice a week tops
the clock starts ticking and it just don't stop
i find my hotel but i'd rather be lost in your arms tonight
cuz i'm bleeding gasoline
and i'm breathing la
and i'm weathered by the road, only worsened by today
haven't showered in a week, haven't slept in days
and i've really got nothin to say except
let 'em know, we gotta let them know
i'm caught in the middle of a never-ending show
when it slows then i'm coming home
until then, here's a note to your ghost
a toast to our love is all i can muster
raising from the stage my bottle of water
i'm coming home...

This was the song this summer. Nothing else really did it for me.
Coincidentally I didn't even like this song when I first heard it...it was one of my least favorite tracks and I had no idea how Shona could love it so much. Over time...as circumstances changed I think, I really grew to love it though. Especially when everyone went on tour and left us at home. I nearly died when they were on tour...debating with myself...should I let them know? Waiting...counting. I have no real life do I? But even when no one is on tour the feeling of this song just so reverberates in my core.

My life has been caught in the middle of a never ending show for two years (although it has now stopped...ironically with locale am) and even though I am a fan not the band boy this just resonates for me. I've lived for the once maybe twice a week tops and had so little to contribute to the life I loved so much in a way. Living the week out for the weekend...but at the same time wishing it didn't have to be only the weekend...longing to be lost in those arms every night. But the whirl of life would never let that. The time for what we love is always metered and those hours never stretch...time never pauses to let us keep that precious part of it
I don't even know if I can vocalize what this song means to me...a lot of it isn't even words to me so far.
Yes in one way this is a diffrent thing that is being called to...but yes there is the other part...the romantic once maybe twicea week tops in my life that has become once maybe twice a month tops just like the words did over time in the live performance of this song's second verse.
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