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i got bones beneath my skin

Hello. I just joined and I thought I'd just say hi before I actually wrote anything. My name is Becca and I'm 17. I live in New Jersey and music is pretty much my life. I only wish I knew how to play it! Anyway, I show my appreciation for music by writing, but I also have a radio show with my friend on our high school radio station. We do summer shows at Rutgers and two summers ago we spent at least 10 hours a week at the station. (Last year we could only do 8 hours, but it's still an amazing experience!)

Whenever I'm home I usually have music playing. (I sneak it at school sometimes if the teacher doesn't mind me playing something on the computer...the volume is always low. We're not allowed to have CD players in school and the computers aren't supposed to be used for anything other than work, but I work best with music going!) Usually, you can find me in my computer room, writing on livejournal and listening to music. Of course I go to shows whenever I can and I love the small venues we have pretty close by. I like being able to sit on the side of the stage and enjoy the atmosphere. So, that's me. Later. :)
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