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she left you a song

that you dont want to sing

your song
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Welcome to song_book!
This community is based on the book Songbook by Nick Hornby (author of high fidelity and about a boy.) The book is a collection of essays, short stories, journal entries if you will, about songs that have had an effect on his life and have earned a place in his heart.
This book has inspired me to write essays about songs that have touched me (hi, i'm punkpixiecat) but I decided that that was not good enough. I wanted to expand the idea to others; to start our own songbook.

The rules are very simple. It's the task that can be challenging.

1) choose one song. One song per entry.
2) if this is your FIRST POST, please introduce yourself.
3) write an essay/ short story about the song. If you feel it is long put the first paragraph in the entry, and the rest behind a cut. ( like so = <*lj-cut text="insert something here*> remove *)
4) post the lyrics to the song (behind an LJ cut, please.)
5) comment, share, enjoy, ect. Please be courteous and respectful of other peoples opinions. No hateorade.

questions, concerns, ect can be directed towards punkpixiecat